Rex Orange County X Illegal Civ Light Blue

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Rex Orange County and Illegal Civilization Skate Program present a small collection of garments! 

Rex Orange County is from the UK, we started working together  2 years ago. We fell in love with the song “Japan”, we reached out to him about featuring it in a short film, and that was the nexus of our relationship. 

Rex made music with Tyler, The Creator around the same time he was releasing his own amazing music, the marriage of those two things ended up launching his career in a very serious way. He came to America shortly after on a series of his own sold out tours,during this trip Rex and Mikey Alfred made a music video together called “Sunflower”, when it released it didn’t get a lot of views, and right before the moment of thinking, “Ehh maybe it’s just not meant to blow up.” It did. The video now has 11 million views and counting. 

These t shirts should represent the idea, that life is about quality of personal relationships, when both parties met it wasn’t about followers, or money, just a mutual appreciation of craft. That mutual respect and appreciation has led Rex to the start of an amazing career and definitely helped Illegal Civ as a brand grow massively in the process. 

We appreciate Rex for ever and ever. 

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